Database Metadata Console

Database Metadata Console is a desktop application used to create framework metadata to be used by Smart-EIS framewords (Smart-Web and Smart-Desktop). The following steps show how to use the console.

  1. Download the executable applications from JK-DB-Console.jar
  2. Run the application either by double clicking on the jar file, or by issuing java -jar JK-DB-Console.jar command on console command-line.
  3. In the Database configuration panel, set your database configuration. In case you do not recall the driver name or format for the drivers, you can click on the Select to select from the available options.
  4. You can check your settings using the Ping button. Note: MySQL driver is included by default to the classpath. To include another JDBC drivers, please be sure to add the driver to the classpath using classpath option (-cp) like this: java -jar JK-DB-Console.jar -cp yourdriver.jar.

  5. Now select the schema from the Database drop down list, then the tables of the selected schema will appear.

  6. Now, select the tables you want to generate metadata for by selecting the checkbox beside the table.

  7. After you select the tables you want to generate metadata for, click on generate XML button to generate the metadata, then the metadata will appear in the text area to the right of the application.

  8. In case you want to override the metadata default values, you can double click on the table, then a new dialog will appear which contains all the metadata attributes, which you can customize and override.

  9. In case you want to override the defaults of the fields, you can double click on the desired field, then the below dialog will appear, where you can customize and override all the value.