All the frameworks, API’s, and documentation in this website is developed, managed, and solely owned by Dr. Jalal Kiswani.

All the frameworks and components Smart-API are free for PERSONAL USE only, for support and commercial licensing please contact the author at : [email protected]

The main goals of smart-cloud is to have a framework for Java developers that enable them to build high-quality and maintainable cloud-based application in no time, with minimal learning curve.

Smart-Cloud is currently being used by Clowiz low-code and no-code platform for rapid application development. Also Clowiz generates code for Smart-Cloud based apps for developers without writing code.


Full Examples can be found at GitHub.

Quick Tutorials

Framework quick-tutorials, usage-recommendations, and best-practices can be found here.

Framework API’s and Components

The framework consists of multiple components:

  • Smart-Cloud Util: The Util API contains common utility classes and methods that most of the time requires single call to achieve its goal.

  • Smart-Cloud Data An extremely simple and easy to USE Java API’s to handle all what is related to the database programming with Java.

  • Smart-Cloud Web Web API for building Java web applications based on JSF and PrimeFaces.

  • Smart-Cloud WebStack Build database driven web applications based on Smart-Cloud Web and Smart-Cloud Data. The webstack project include everything to build high quality end-to-end web applications with minimal efforts, including integrating with IDM engines such as KeyCloak.

  • Smart-Cloud Standalone And embedded tomcat utilities that can enable faster development and testing of your Java web based applications.

  • Smart-Cloud ServiceParent Parent project that includes all the required Spring-Boot configurations to start projects quickly and effectively.